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The Lonesome Crowded West - Track 11 - [548 + 845] Days To 9/11

The Lonesome Crowded West was released on November 18, 1997.

The lyrics to the album's 11th song are shown below:

'Shit Luck'

This plane is definitely crashing
This boat is obviously sinking
This building's totally burning down

And my, (repeated)
And my heart is slowly drying up

The title: 'Shit Luck' is equal to 31 (full reduction), the 11th prime.

The combined gematria of each of the main passages sung in the lyrics ('This plane is definitely crashing; This boat is obviously sinking; This building's totally burning down; And my heart is slowly drying up') is equal to 548 in full reduction.

548 + 845 = 1393

From the release of The Lonesome Crowded West (November 18, 1997) to September 11, 2001 is 1393 days.

Revelation - 144, 227, 1010 - [1404 − 11], [383 + 1010], [1393 + 227]

Numbers significant to Revelation connect the album's release to 9/11.

144, Representing Time is mentioned three times in Revelation.

The first 144 decimal places of π sum to 666.

22/7 is an approximation of π.

The 9th song on the album is titled 'Out of Gas'.

The 11th song on the album is titled 'Shit Luck'.

The combined gematria of the 9th and 11th song ('Out of Gas + Shit Luck') is equal to 1404 in English extended.

Subtracting 11 (symbolizing the destruction of the two towers on 9/11) from 1404 is equal to 1393.

1404 − 11 = 1393

'Revelation' is equal to 1010 (like the number 11) in Jewish gematria.

The title of the 11th track ('Shit Luck') is equal to 383 in Satanic gematria.

383 + 1010 = 1393

'The Lonesome Crowded West' is equal to 1620 in Sumerian.

1393 + 227 = 1620

The Lonesome Crowded West and Kurt Cobain

Calvin Johnson, the founder of 'K Records' is one of the producers on 'The Lonesome Crowded West'.

Kurt Cobain, a fan of the label, is known to have had their logo, the letter 'K' within a shield, tattooed on his arm.

K - the 11th letter

Kurt Cobain died on the date April 5th (4/5) and his body was discovered in his home on April 8 (4/8).

Recall the significance of the 11th track on the album, and the number 548 derived from the combined gematria of each of the main passages sung in the song.

548 + 845 = 1393

I bring up this connection because 'The Lonesome Crowded West' was released on the 4th anniversary of Nirvana's Unplugged in N.Y. performance.

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